Web 2.0 Authoring Tools in Higher Education Learning and Teaching: 

New Directions for Assessment and Academic Integrity


National Roundtable


Monday 23rd November 2009, The University of Melbourne



This wiki space has been established to support the activities of the National Roundtable that is being held at The University of Melbourne on Monday 23rd November as part of the ALTC-funded project "Web 2.0 Authoring Tools in Higher Education Learning and Teaching: New Directions for Assessment and Academic Integrity"


About the Roundtable:

Academics from universities across Australia will take part in this Roundtable. Participants have been selected because of their expertise in student learning, assessment, e-learning, and/or their practical experience in using Web 2.0 technologies in university teaching.  

The objectives of the roundtable are to:


Participants will be acknowledged for their contributions to the guidelines and other reports that we develop following the roundtable.



A full list of participants is available here. If participants would like to provide more information about themselves, they can add to the page "information about participants".


Participant Introductions


Small group discussion: Web 2.0 activities and assessment good practice

The morning session of the Roundtable will involve small group discussions based on particular Web 2.0 technologies. Participants will work in pre-allocated groups to identify assessment issues and recommend good practice guidelines relevant to the following Web 2.0 activities:



Morning plenary discussion


Small group discussion: Stages in the assessment cycle

During the afternoon, participants will work in pre-allocated groups to discuss how the recommendations identified in the morning session can be mapped onto one of the following stages in the assessment cycle:


Afternoon plenary discussion


Tom Franklin has added a brief discussion on how Web 2.0 might affect assessment over the longer term.  see Into_the_future 



Some useful resources, links, reading and so on

A page with links to useful information and commentary from elsewhere: Resources


Support for this event has been provided by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council Ltd, an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. The views expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.