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Assessment Cycle: Conducting


This wiki page has been established to provide a space for recording small group discussions relating to the use of Web 2.0 tools in higher education and conducting assessment.



Geoffrey Crisp

Leitha Delves

Merrilyn Goos

Scott Grant

David Jones

Kaz Ross                               

Scribe: Nilma Perera 


The task for this small group discussion is to build on the recommendations identified in the morning session and consider how these might be applied during the conduct stage of the assessment cycle. In this session, the aim is to identify general recommendations, rather than technology-specific ones.    


(Started to with creating a Do and a Don't Poster...)

Conduct assessment involves....

Level the social media question.

Assessing is intrigal to the conducting.

How do we give feedback to Web 2.0? We are conducting playful environment?

set a meaningful task.

Do clear instruction/ assessment information, so what is the difference from normal stuff we do at the moment?

We also have to ensure that the students know how to use the tools and skills. Do provide examplers good and not so good.

Explain the task?

The big problem as we discuss the conduct of Web 2.0 in education is how is it different from what we normally do...

We need to iexplain why we use these technologies... And need to explain our expectations such as do we need images, text, hypertext interactivity etc.

Ensure the web 2.0 tool is fully intrigated into the sujects and making clear to students that they understand this.

Web 2.0 also raised the challenge of learning/ teaching; but can be considers as value adding..

If students know that something is at stake they tend to take it seriously as student clear understand assessment... if not success depends on affect states of strudents.

A wiki/blog can be used in away to discuss among peers to understand what the meaning of assessment criteria.

Do you think that you would monitor students work more with 2.0.

That was one of our aims (David). We monitored the blog to see what activities have been happening...

Is to foster community practice.

Community practice doesn't mean 24/7... my understand is people come together at a certain time and discuss issues and share information, but then they go off with their lives.

You can never engineer community practice space. You can have the same space year after year but usage changes yearly as new students come in.

Deciding whether what will be assessed in the web2.0 space. Use web2.0 tools to assess students and make sure that they are clear that was tools and usage of what features will be assessed in the space.

Provide feedback during the task.

Don't use web 2.0 just because its there and on task that does not require such technologies...

Assume the teachers are equal participants with student

Don't confuse the engagement of the task with the engagement with the environmnet

Also the technology and the skill required for different web 2.0 technologies are different, do not assume that they are the same. Need to be aware of the different technological and skill demands.

Need to use the web 2.0 environment for appropriate conceptual application.

There is a fundermental conceptual problem with student not recognising the purpose of using web 2.O tools it not always plain obvious to them. It may come to them as they work on but some wont understand this.

Tech fatigue? Is having done 5 blogs really a problem?

Improving by association.

Trying the students to be more reflective or decerning...

What do you do when there is something like rubix(?) fail... do we just stop giving feedback?

This is a problem...

Having a mismatch between rubrick and web 2.0 tech environment

Do you thin there variation between different student cohort but this is very commen in the class room environment.

There is a different behaviours between the persona in an online world compared to how students behave in the classroom environment.

Identify other technical suport needed and address these: Technology overwhelm some students






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