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Draft guidelines

Page history last edited by Jenny Waycott 14 years, 3 months ago




A framework for field-testing and refining good practice guidelines



This draft is based on:

  1. Reviewing the literature for key  concepts, issues and examples
  2. Documenting Australian teaching academics’ experiences 
  3. Holding a national roundtable to share and discuss good practice
  4. Consulting with a reference group from the three lead universities



The current draft is open for review and comment by the project advisory group and the project reference group until Wednesday 20 January 2010.


Please use the comments facility on this page or if you prefer email kgray 'at' unimelb.edu.au



The draft guidelines will be further revised in the first half of 2010 afterfield-testing by staff and students in approximately 20 diverse subject learning and teaching settings where ASW2A occurs.



The final guidelines will be disseminated nationally in the second half of 2010.





Comments (1)

Denise Chalmers said

at 3:09 pm on Dec 22, 2009

Hi Kathleen. Great work to get these out and devleop the examples. One reference you might want to look at is David Boud's website www.assessmentfutures.com. Not web specific but solid assessment work. There were also some 2020 statements that you might like to check out.
The wording on the checklists changes between the affordances, process and policy in terms of guidelines to statements of practice and I wonder if this might be made a little more consistent between them. In the process section, I did not notice if there was a guideline on providing the opportunity for the students to respond to the feedback and resumit work ie to demonstate learning based on feedback. Might have been there but I only had a quick look through. Mostly wanted to say that this is lo9oking very good and I am sure now will provide lots more opportunities for comments. I hope you ahve a good break over the Chrsitmas period.

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